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IDHS Announcement

Once in a generation…
In early August, the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) approved of a $50 million increase in funding to organizations who are current IDHS grant funding recipients whose work focuses on gender-based violence.

Ascend Justice was one of those recipients.

Per IDHS, the funds allocated are to be used to support survivor needs within the gender-based violence community and that is precisely what Ascend Justice is doing.  This funding will be utilized to address the needs of survivors of domestic violence from multiple angles:

Invest in Ascend Justice’s staff and within our sector.
Grow Ascend Justice’s

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Celebration of Courage 2022

On a beautiful evening on June 9, 2022, over 200 people gathered on the rooftop of the Old Post Office to celebrate, be inspired, share stories, and reflect on an impactful year.   With a grand total of over $165,000 raised, we all had so much to celebrate! We were proud to have this year’s event sponsored by dedicated industry leaders and supported by generous individuals like you. We were fortunate to have Natalie Pattillo and Kim Dadou Brown from the documentary And So I Stayed in attendance to talk about their journey and the impact the award-winning film has had

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Join our Board of Directors!

If you are looking to make a difference on a non-profit board that helps those impacted by gender-based violence and/or the child welfare system, Ascend Justice wants to talk to you. We are seeking applications from those from an array of racial and ethnic backgrounds to contribute their valuable perspectives and expertise to the Board.

To view the Board of Directors application, click here. Completed applications can be emailed to Ascend Justice’s Executive Director, Margaret Duval. 

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Who is your family hero? (November 2021 Newsletter)

Dear Friends,

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m thinking about family heroes: the people who keep our families strong.

Their methods are as diverse as families themselves — perhaps it’s baking, peacemaking, or storytelling – but however they go about it, family heroes work hard to keep their loved ones safe, healthy, and together.

While memories of my own family’s heroes are strongest during the holidays, at Ascend Justice we are privileged to work with family heroes all year long. Their legal issues vary, but at the heart of most of our cases are clients who are just trying to protect their families and stay

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Knowing ≠ Awareness (October 2021 Newsletter)

Dear Friends,

Just as hearing is different from listening, knowing the facts isn’t quite the same as achieving awareness. I’ve learned this the hard way in the past few months as Ascend Justice has launched our Incarcerated Survivors Project. I “knew” lots of facts: 98% of people in women’s prisons report that they are survivors of gender-based violence; the criminal legal system often harms, rather than protects survivors; and the way that you experience and perceive the criminal legal system will likely vary depending on your race.

It wasn’t until Ascend Justice and the Women’s Justice Institute screened a film called And

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