Finances, Employment + Housing

Too often, financial concerns make it hard for survivors of gender-based violence to end abusive relationships. Our staff offers free help with legal problems commonly experienced by survivors, such as:

    • Employment law, representing survivors who need to miss work because of the abuse and assisting clients who need reasonable accommodations at work to feel safe.
    • Housing law, helping survivors who need to move out, break their leases, or change their locks because of safety concerns.
    • Consumer debt, such as screening survivors for bankruptcy and providing referrals; drafting letters to debt collectors to dispute a debt, request more information, or limit contact; and ordering a free credit report.
    • Crime victims’ compensation, which means assisting clients with filing and appealing applications with the Attorney General’s Office to request compensation due to their status as a crime victim.


How to get help

Please call our team at (312) 971-5932 or fill out our intake form (Spanish version available here) and email it to

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