Meet Rosa

When she saw the gun, she knew.

Rosa had endured more than sixteen years of abuse. Her husband Alberto had beaten her in front of their three children, sexually abused her, and threatened all of them with terrifying regularity. Rosa had lived in fear for years but was intimidated by Alberto’s threats to take their children and have her deported to her home country.

The final straw came when Rosa found a gun in Alberto’s car. She fled with her children to a shelter. Attorneys from Ascend Justice obtained an Order of Protection for her that kept her location confidential, limited Alberto’s contact with their children, and issued a warrant for Alberto’s firearms.

Rosa’s story, like the stories of most survivors of gender-based violence, does not end with the Order of Protection.

Rosa was also concerned about her immigration status, her financial situation with three children to care for, her need for long-term and safe housing, and her need to heal from the trauma.

The Ascend Justice team was there for Rosa every step of the way.

When Alberto filed for divorce, our Family Law attorneys represented her. Our Immigration team filed for immigration relief. After Alberto stopped making payments on a loan she had co-signed, our Economic Justice attorney helped Rosa repair her credit. Our Client Support Coordinators provided emotional support, helped her apply for public benefits and coordinated with generous donors, like you, to ensure that she and her children had Christmas gifts in their new home.

Rosa still faces challenges, but she wakes every morning with a newfound sense of safety.

Rosa’s own strength was the primary factor in her ability to escape an abusive relationship and Ascend Justice was able to work along side her as she created a strong foundation that her and her children needed to start anew.

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