Latasha’s life changed when her father passed away.

She went into a deep depression, experiencing suicidal thoughts and delusions.

In a moment of crisis, Latasha left her one year old son at an emergency room along with contact information for her husband. 

She was intending to commit suicide. 

Thankfully, she did not follow through and her “moment of crisis” passed.

In response, the hospital contacted Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) accusing Latasha of neglect.  An accusation like this can place someone on a register for child abuse and neglect for 20 years and this greatly impacts employment opportunities moving forward.  Latasha was in need of mental health treatment and support, not to be accused of child neglect.

She felt that her truth was not being heard.

Ascend Justice helped Latasha by making the case that, at the very worst moment of her illness, she was trying to keep her child safe.

“I felt like I had somebody to really carry out the truth for me.”

Latasha’s team at Ascend Justice were successful in having the neglect finding removed from her record and her name was cleared.

Latasha thanks her team at Ascend Justice for “redefining a moment in time in my life that could have changed my life for the worse.  It came out better.”

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