Bojana is an artist, an immigrant from Serbia, an animal lover, and a mother.

She found herself in a relationship that started as verbally abusive and soon became physical.  She was called names, harassed through social media, and her partner even tried to get her fired from her job.

In response, Bojana left her partner. 

He responded by coming to her apartment and taking her dog.

Bojana feared that the safety of her son, as well as her dog, were in jeopardy.

After contacting the police, Bojana was in need of help in navigating the court system so she contacted Ascend Justice.

She found that Ascend Justice not only helped her obtain an Order of Protection and were successful in the return of her beloved pet, but she was also helped through the emotional and healing portion of the process. 

“[Ascend Justice] was not only a legal service provider but [an] amazing support in the whole situation.”

“Building a community that is strong, we can actually make change instead of putting a Band-Aid on something.”

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