Meet Janet

Janet grew up in Mexico and came to the US, where she became friends with her future husband, Brad. While things were good between Janet and Brad for many years, their relationship eventually changed and Brad became verbally abusive towards Janet.

After an incident where Brad tried to veer their car off the road while Janet was driving, she decided that, for her own safety, she needed to leave Brad.

Once they separated, Brad began calling her excessively, harassing her over social media and even began threating to kill her.

When Janet came to Ascend Justice, she was on edge, paranoid, and worried that Brad would follow through with his threats. Janet and her team at Ascend Justice were able to secure an Order of Protection and then continued to represent her in her divorce from Brad.  Because Ascend Justice provides a holistic approach when providing assistance, Janet was able to secure her future safety without the retraumatization of finding representation elsewhere for her divorce.

Once their divorce was finalized, Janet continued working with Ascend Justice attorneys to complete and file her U-VISA application, solidifying her hopeful future in the US.

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