Meet Candace

To escape threats from the gangs in her hometown of El Salvador, Candace escaped and came to the US. She eventually settled in Chicago after being invited to stay with Matt, a friend of a friend she had met through social media.

Almost immediately, the abuse started.

Matt would lock her in their apartment when he was gone at work.  He would beat her repeatedly and was verbally abusive.  

Once Candace was able to leave Matt’s home, he then began harassing and stalking her.  To protect herself, she worked with the advocates at Ascend Justice and received an Order of Protection against him. Matt violated the Order of Protection and was eventually arrested and sent to jail but Candace was still fearful of him.

She worked with Ascend Justice staff attorneys to successfully submit her U-VISA application so that, as an immigrant, she is protected and any investigations or persecutions against Matt are in place.

Candace is working to file another application on behalf of her son who has joined her in the US so that they both can live safely in their new home.

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