When Edith arrived at Ascend Justice, she was in serious danger.

Her husband Dan, had raped her and, to ensure her terror, fired a gun at the wall over her head. Police intervention ended that assault, but she knew her ordeal was not over.

She and Dan have children together because Dan had abused her physically, sexually and emotionally for years. The emergency services attorneys at Ascend Justice helped Edith get an Emergency Order of Protection that day. 

When Dan was served with the Order of Protection, he returned to their home, this time intending to kill Edith.

He kicked in the door and was about to shoot Edith and then turn the gun on himself. 

Thankfully, the police arrived.

Edith was physically safe, but was emotionally shattered.

Over the next few months, Edith’s team at Ascend Justice worked closely with her as she endured both the criminal proceedings and protracted negotiations to obtain a long-term, plenary Order of Protection.

Ascend Justice’s holistic approach helped Edith even further.

Despite having multiple absences as a result of repeated court appearances, Edith’s employment attorney at Ascend Justice helped her keep her job.

Edith’s safety and well-being (and that of her children) require far more than a legal victory, although that’s an important first step.

Edith’s team at Ascend Justice helped her obtain assistance to move to a safer home that can be a place to build new memories.  Generous donors fulfilled her family’s holiday wishes at a time when Edith couldn’t manage it on her own so a sense of normalcy could be felt.

Today, Edith is busy working and taking care of her children.

For the first time in years, Edith is not afraid.

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