Meet Katherine

Since we met Katherine in 2019, Ascend Justice has advocated for her rights and secured safety in an environment where she can succeed.

Katherine needed assistance well beyond the divorce from her abusive husband. She worked with us to successfully file an I-751 which was used to remove conditions from her residency based upon a Battered Spouse Waiver. She was also able to file for Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) through the Illinois Attorney General’s office, and she was provided with consumer debt brief services when her unpaid medical bills were sent to collections – even though it is unlawful to engage in debt collection activities with a pending CVC claim.

Katherine received a large CVC settlement with the help of Ascend Justice’s Economic Justice Senior Attorney, Katie!

Katie successfully argued that the Attorney General pay for Katherine’s medical expenses related to a domestic violence incident as well as for her entire first month’s rent and security deposit for a new apartment.

This was a huge win!

Typically, the Attorney General only reimburses the difference in first month’s rent if a survivor’s new apartment is more expensive than the old.

Through Katie’s knowledge of Katherine’s rights, she was able to argue that the Katherine’s husband had been paying the full rent prior, so Katherine would have to come up with her first months’ rent and security deposit on her own.

The support and resources that Katherine received means she can start the next chapter of her life safe, independent, and free of debt related to her victimization.

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