We Must Act

Dear friends,

As you know, we chose a new name last year: Ascend Justice. We also adopted a new vision to guide our work:
We are working toward strong communities where people have the power to navigate fair systems and overcome violence.
Today, it is painful to read those words, because the recent events in our country and our communities illustrate just how far we have to go. Communities that tolerate and perpetuate systemic racism are, by definition, weak. Systems tainted by (or built on) racism are, by definition, unfair. We cannot end violence – whether it is community violence, state-sponsored violence, or gender-based violence – until we address those realities.
There are no words to fully express the grief and outrage that George Floyd’s murder has engendered.
However, we can and must act. We appreciate your support of our work and mission, but today I urge you to consider a contribution to these local organizations who are fighting racism (most with a special focus on women and girls) in our communities:
We stand in solidarity with them, and everyone working for equity, non-violence, and justice and in the next few days we’ll share information from our staff about organizations they support.
There is always more to learn; here are more resources on anti-racism. For guidance on how to talk to your children about racism, here’s a good place to start.
In peace,
Margaret R. Duval
Executive Director
Ascend Justice