Honor Your Family Champion

Dear Friends,

Who is your family champion?
You know, the leader who drives the gatherings, the togetherness, and keeps cultural traditions alive? The mother, grandmother, uncle, or cousin who makes the pies and insists that hatchets are buried, at least for the duration of the meal?
I’m hopeful that our holiday celebrations involve more pie and less Zoom this year. Regardless of how they take place, these gatherings are the result of the family champions’ planning, dedication, labor, and love.
Every day at Ascend Justice, we meet family champions – mothers fighting to protect their children from abuse, or working while incarcerated to make sure their kids get enrolled in school. Parents whose poverty or illness is equated with neglect, but who struggle to protect their children and keep their families together. We work with these family champions, ensuring that their voices are heard, their strength is honored, and their rights are respected.
So please, join us this giving season in saluting everyday heroes by making a gift to Ascend Justice in honor (or in memory) of your family champion. Your donation of $10, $25, or $50 will pay homage to their selfless love by bringing hope to our clients – the champions of their families – as they seek freedom from domestic violence, healing for their children, and futures that are joyful and confident.
Margaret R. Duval
Executive Director
Ascend Justice