Fundraising for Ascend Justice

All funds should be donated to Ascend Justice within 90 days from the conclusion of your fundraiser.

Please see below for all donation methods:

Online: Donations can be made online by directing donors to your personal online fundraising page (if applicable).  Please work out details with our Director of Development, Christyn Schnell (, to ensure you are set up for success.

Mail: Checks and money orders can be made payable to “Ascend Justice” and mailed to the below mailing address. Please include a Donation Form or a brief note that includes your fundraiser name so we can process donations accordingly.

Ascend Justice
Attn: Development
177 N State St Ste 500
Chicago, IL 60601

Drop-off: We strongly advise against mailing cash donations. We instead suggest getting a money order to mail in or turning in cash donations by scheduling a drop-off with our Director of Development, Christyn Schnell.

Yes, donations in which goods and services are not received are 100% tax deductible. Donors will be acknowledged by Ascend Justice with a tax receipt when adhering to the below donation methods:

Online Donations: Donors that make a donation through your personal online fundraising page will receive a tax receipt following their donation.

Check Donations: Donors will receive a tax receipt letter in the mail to the mailing address that is listed on the check unless otherwise noted on an accompanying Donation Form.

Please Note: Ascend Justice is only able to issue a tax receipt to the person/organization that issues a check. If you are collecting multiple cash donations and wish to turn in one cumulative check, the only person eligible for the tax receipt is the check issuer. The check must be made payable directly to Ascend Justice to receive a tax receipt.

Cash/Money Order Donations: Donor will receive a tax receipt letter when the cash/money order donation is accompanied by a completed Donation Form, which can be downloaded and printed here. Please include the completed donation form with the cash/money order when turning in donations.

Social media assets, sample email messages and more will be available soon.

You may choose to use a third-party online donation site, but we strongly advise that you work with our Director of Development, Christyn Schnell to create a personal fundraising page so we can better support you.

If you do choose to use a third-party site, please be mindful of the following:

  • Third-party sites often take out fees from donations. 
  • Third-party sites may have charity deposit requirements that make it difficult or impossible for Ascend Justice to receive the proceeds at the conclusion of your fundraiser.
  • Ascend Justice cannot guarantee that the money we receive from third-party sites will be earmarked to your fundraiser.
  • Third-party online donation sites may not issue tax receipts to your donors while direct donations are tax receipted in full.

Contact our Director of Development, Christyn Schnell (, and she will work with you to create a dedicated event webpage that will only accept event donations.  Any event management, such as capturing of RSVPs, is the sole responsibility of the community fundraisers outside of the personal online fundraising page.

Fundraising Event Logistics

Event costs should be deducted from the funds prior to sending the donations to Ascend Justice. We strongly advise that you strive to maintain fundraising costs at 20% or less of the total income of your event. Event expenses incurred are the responsibility of the organizer of the event. Ascend Justice is unable to reimburse the organizer for the purchase of goods and services.

The organization and execution of the event is the responsibility of its event organizer. The event organizer must obtain any necessary permits or licenses.

Ascend Justice cannot provide insurance for third-party events. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining insurance for the event.

Because of the limited number of staff, we are generally unable to attend and plan third-party events. We are happy to provide guidance, but we do not have the staff to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events.

Due to the work that we carry out at Ascend Justice, we are unable to host third-party events at either of our offices.


Approved community fundraisers are allowed to use the Ascend Justice logo and name in association with your efforts. Before you use the logo or name, we require that you run all materials past our Director of Development, Christyn Schnell (, for prior approval.

To adhere to our branding guidelines, please note:

  • On first reference, the Ascend Justice name should always appear as “Ascend Justice”.
  • “Ascend” is acceptable on second and subsequent references.
  • All other variations are not allowed, for example: “AJ”.

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