Monica, an only child, had immigrated from Mexico when she was 18.  At that time she immigrated, she was already married to her husband Samuel, who was 30. Monica’s husband raped, hit and insulted her frequently and often threatened to kill her and kill himself.  When Monica left Samuel, he briefly moved back to Mexico, but returned and continued to torment and threaten her. When we met her, Monica was unable to sleep and overwhelming anxiety had made her physically ill. She was concerned about her safety and her ability to remain in the US with her children, two of whom were born here.  Finally, she missed her own parents, whom she hadn’t seen in sixteen years and who had never met her two younger children.

After she obtained her order of protection, our immigration attorneys helped Monica file a VAWA self-petition for a green card. Our Client Support Coordinator also helped her get health insurance for herself and her kids. This fall, we were able to call Monica with the good news that her green card had arrived – and she was able to start planning for her future, with better opportunities for her employment, kids’ education and a chance to introduce her parents to their grandchildren.

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