Pulitzer-Prize Winner Megan Twohey Keynotes Annual Fundraiser

Today we announced that Megan Twohey, New York Times investigative reporter, will be the keynote speaker for our Celebration of Courage annual fundraiser.

Twohey, a Pulitzer-Prize winning, reporter who covered Harvey Weinstein’s decades of alleged abuse, will discuss journalism and how it exposes and combats the abuses of power.

The Celebration of Courage fundraiser brings together individuals committed to supporting victims of gender-based violence in Chicago. Each year, sponsorships and individual donations collected at the fundraiser allow our organization to provide security, independence, and hope to more than 1,000 domestic violence survivors in Chicago each year.

“We are proud to have Megan speak to our community of supporters because she not only influenced the conversation on the topic of sexual assault, but also demonstrated the power that an individual can have in impacting the lives of so many,” said Margaret Duval, Executive Director.

Twohey has inspired others to create and amplify powerful movements like “#MeToo” and “Time’s Up.” through her reporting. Her writing has empowered people around the world to share their stories.

“My hope is that by spreading awareness about sexual violence, we can continue to give women a voice, and a powerful platform to move on from their experiences,” said Twohey. “Organizations like this one play a critical role in creating the change our society needs.”

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